Journal Title : International Journal of Research in Management & Social Science
Subject : Management & Social Science
Journal Language : English
Frequency : Quarterly
Type of Journal : Online (Open Access )
eISSN : 2322-0899
Year of Starting : 2013

International Journal of Research in Management & Social Science is a quarterly double blind reviewed research journal. It seeks to provide a platform to research scholars, practicing managers, and academicians in business management, commerce and allied fields, to present their research findings and share their views and experiences. Its aim is to promote research education worldwide and to establish acquaintances between management and Information Technology.

The journal is having ISSN: 2322-0899 and SJIF Impact Factor: 6.44 Click Here and is presently indexed at Index Copernicus, ISRA, Citefactor, Research Gate, Advanced Science Index, Google Scholar, Scribd, I2OR, Academic Key, BING, Researchbible, Global Impact Factor, Cosmos Impact Factor, DIIF, Jour Informatics, Inno-Space, Scholarsteer, General Impact Factor, JIFACTOR, Scientific Indexing Services, Open Access Library, BASE, Road, SSRN, Infobase, ISIFI, ISI, IARC etc.

The journal focuses on issues related to the development and implementation of new methodologies and technologies, which improve the operational objectives of an organization. These include, Project management, logistics, production management, e-commerce, quality management, financial planning, risk management, General Management, Banking, Insurance, International Business, Health Care Administration, Human Resource Management, Non-Profit Organizations, Operations Research/Statistics, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior and Theory, Organizational Development, Organizational Management, Production/ Operations, Public Administration, Purchasing/ Materials Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management Policy, Technology/Innovation, Tourism and Hospitality, Supply Chain Management, Rural Management, Public Management, Knowledge Management, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Negotiations and Competitive Decision Making, Data Analysis, Hotel Management and emerging trends in allied subjects. The journal provides a forum for researchers and practitioners for the publication of innovative scholarly research, which contributes to the adoption of a new holistic managerial approach that ensures a technologically, economically, socially and ecologically acceptable deployment of new technologies in today’s business practices.

Reviewers Invited

Senior Researchers in the different domains of management and Social Science are invited for the reviewers panel of the journal. Interested scholars may communicate the interest to the editor with a brief profile. Nominations are also invited for the editorial advisory board of the journal.